Survivor Philippines recap Oct 10, 2012

by Mr Mojo

The show opens up and Matsing is in bad spirits, their fire is out from the rain and they can’t get a new one started. Pretty much a metaphor for their entire game. Malcolm says they just need one win to turn it around. They’ve been saying that since day one and it hasn’t been working out for them. As we go to the opening I’m just hoping that some of the focus is on other tribes tonight since I feel we barely know them yet.

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Survivor Philippines

After the opening we head to Tandang, it’s pouring down rain and they are miserable. Unlike Matsing they are able to start some fire. Then Abi spots the hidden immunity clue falling out of RC’s bag. She calls her former BFF out on it but RC has no idea what is going on since she had buried the clue in the jungle. Pete played it so it would be found and cause some chaos. I’m really not liking Abi, she’s unstable but not in a fun way to watch. RC may be in trouble if they lose and that’s too bad because I’d like to see her stick around. Pete is trying to be a mini-Russell, not sure how I feel about him yet.

Over at Team Penner, Jonathan is in good spirits. Of course he has hidden immunity which makes it easy to be upbeat and happy. Jeff Kent says he doesn’t have the ability to make conversation with the young kids and seems to be impressed by Penner now. They team up and Kent gives him a five finger handshake this time. Then Penner makes an alliance with Carter who I don’t believe has spoken until now. Back on the beach, the girls know the guys are talking about them in the water so they decide to stick together.

Back at Matsing, Malcolm sums up Russell perfectly. Really hope Malcolm manages to go far in the game. He has the strength, the social game and the brains to make it far. It’s too bad he got put on such a bad tribe. Russell still can’t figure out where the hidden immunity idol is. Denise catches him looking and Russell tries making up a lame excuse but she doesn’t buy it. Now Malcolm and Denise are worrying that maybe Russell has found the hidden immunity idol.

RC and Abi are still fighting at Tandang. Abi is insane and has no social game at all. I like RC, would like her to move on and maybe even blindside Abi. Blair Warner heard both sides of the story and this fight is good news for her. It moves her off the chopping block. If Skupin could strategize a bit he could build a great alliance here. Then again he still thinks his alliance of four is good even though that was shattered last week.

Russell Swan

Russell’s post challenge meltdown

Time for immunity/reward challenge. Reward is steak, veggies and spices for first place. Second place gets veggies and salt and pepper. The women on the two bigger tribes sit out to make it even. They have to get some pots that are full of rice, take them through an obstable course. They then need to set the pots up and knock them down with a wrecking ball. Matsing takes an early lead, Jeff Probst points out it’s the first time that they have ever been in the lead. Team Penner is in last place when it gets to the wrecking ball stage. Tandang comes in first and Jeff Kent gets the lucky hit to come in second place. Matsing loses yet again!

Russell blows up and throws one of the pots. He starts talking to God asking why? Everyone else is staring at him and finally Probst calls him out. Russell says he was formed by God in the form of a perfect creature. Probst doesn’t seem to buy it. Russell continues being a baby and a poor loser while everyone else just shakes their head. I wasn’t a big fan of Russell in Samoa but thought he did deserve a second chance. He’s been awful since day one in this game and probably should have gone home in week one.

The producers try to stretch out the intrigue and make it look like anyone could be going home at Matsing but I think it’s pretty obvious that Russell Swan’s Survivor adventure is ending for good tonight. Uneventful tribal council and the votes come in 2-1 and Russell is sent packing.

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One Comment to “Survivor Philippines recap Oct 10, 2012”

  1. I completely agree with you about the whole Abi and RC situation. Abi is dangerously unstable, while RC seems like a good player who just wanted to make an early alliance. I think Peter is really dumb for starting that fight, and that it could actually put the heat on Abi, which may then transfer to him. I missed this one because I had to work late at DISH last night, but my Hopper recorded it for Primetime Anytime and I was able to watch it this morning. I love how I don’t have to set any timers and I can still be sure that I will be able to keep up with all of my favorite network shows. I am really glad that I got to see Russell go home, and his “blindsided” comment that he made at tribal council just goes to show how little he really understands this game.

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