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by Mr Mojo

Time for this week’s Survivor recap. Russell survived last week but he may not survive this week if his tribe loses immunity again. First though we go to Tandang where RC and Abi accidentally find the hidden immunity clue in the rice pot. RC actually finds it but Abi is right there so she has no choice but to share it. Abi is happy since they are in an alliance but still wonders whether RC would have shared if she hadn’t been there. It seems Abi has a lot of doubts, she sees RC and Mike talking about his latest injury and worries that they are too close. She confronts RC on this but RC says the plan is still in effect and don’t worry. Now RC is wondering if maybe Abi isn’t a good choice as her #2 and maybe Mike can move up a spot. More after the jump…

Survivor Philippines


At Kalabaw, Jeff Kent says he is struggling a bit with the weather but he is a champion and can survive. It is constantly raining so they are sitting around doing nothing in the shelter which he says is good for his knee. Penner is frustrated, he wants to look for the hidden immunity idol and knows it’s in camp but with everyone there he can’t search. The rain ends up benefitting him when the rest of the tribe heads to the cave to stay dry. Jonathan Penner frantically searches the camp but can’t find the idol. He almost gets caught by Dawson but makes up a lame story about losing his contact lens which she seems to accept. Penner takes a dip in the ocean where it dawns on him that the clue said right under his nose, there is a symbol on top of the rice pot of a figure with a large nose. Penner runs back and finds the hidden idol!

roxy crying on survivor

Roxy crying about the rain.

Malcolm and Angie are very cuddly over at Matsing. It’s really bothering Roxy. She thinks Malcolm is more useful so she talks to Russell about getting rid of Angie. Russell says Survivor couples are bad news. Roxy is lobby everyone, she goes to Denise the sex therapist next. Denise is in an alliance with Malcolm so she’s conflicted. Malcolm says there is a strange vibe at camp but he’s not sure what exactly is going on. He is smart enough to suspect that it’s about him and Angie cuddling and that it could mean trouble.

Lisa Whelchel is having a hard time fitting in at Tandang. She says she isn’t good at chit-chat and ends up pulling back from the rest of the group. The problem is when she leaves the tribe it makes the rest of them suspicious. They think she is off searching for the idol. Lisa starts crying about how she has been on her own since she was 12 when she moved to California to be on the Mickey Mouse Club. She is used to taking care of herself but she doesn’t know how to open up to others. Meanwhile the rest of the tribe has agreed that Lisa will be the first to go in their group.

Matsing is complaining about the rain. Malcolm says it hasn’t stopped raining for more than half an hour. Russell is upset because they can’t keep the fire going. He says last time he played it rained all the time and now that he’s back it’s still raining. Roxy is handling the rain worse than the rest, she starts breaking down and crying. She misses her friends, family and church. The sun come out and she starts to thank God loudly. The rest of her tribe has some weird looks on their faces as she speaks in tongues. Why can’t Survivor cast one season without super religious people who talk about religion all the time or speak in tongues?

immunity challenge

Collect the puzzle pieces then finish the puzzle.

I guess there is no reward challenge this week since it’s time for immunity! Typical Survivor challenge of finding puzzle pieces, putting it together, etc. First tribe to finish gets blankets, pillows and a tarp. Second place wins a tarp. Third place sees Jeff at Tribal Council. Dawson and Abi sit out for their tribes. Russell’s tribe has a hard time again figuring out who’s going to do what in the challenge. Tandang takes the lead while Matsing is in last place as usual. Malcolm and Roxy run their leg for Matsing and make up the time. Jeff Kent is kicking butt, running legs 1 and 3 with a bum knee. They get their puzzle pieces first. Kalabaw finishes the first puzzle in first place, Tandang is in second. But Tandang takes the lead with Lisa’s great signal calling. All three tribes are on the third and final puzzle. Tandang finishes first and it’s a race for second place. Penner and Jeff Kent manage to barely pull off the second place finish! Matsing (Team Russell) is going to Tribal Council for the second week in a row. Russell has a temper tantrum at the end of the challenge. He is blaming his tribe for giving up. Right now it looks like Russell is going home, somehow I think he will be saved.

Roxy is the obvious choice to Russell but he needs her because he thinks she is loyal to him. Roxy is busy lobbying against Angie. Personally, I’d rather look at Angie for a few more weeks so I hope she doesn’t go home! Malcolm explains to Angie that they are going to get called out at tribal on the cuddling, Angie seems a little surprised. Malcolm says he knows he shouldn’t be cuddling but it’s cold at night! Russell takes Denise off to talk, he’s trying to persuade Denise to vote off Angie. Denise is caught in the middle between two alliances. She will be the deciding vote tonight.

Roxy voted off Survivor

Roxy is the second person voted out of Survivor.

Time for Tribal Council. Jeff puts Russell on the hot seat right away but Denise defends him a little bit. Roxy says they work too hard around camp. Everyone else kind of rolls their eyes at her laziness. Angie is asked to finish the sentence, “if I could change one thing about this tribe…” She says she would like cookies. What? The looks on the rest of Matsing’s faces is priceless. Malcolm tries to stick up for her saying their stomach’s are all grumbling and Jeff calls him out right away. Malcolm can’t even keep a straight face. Jeff asks a leading question about friendships forming and that gives Roxy the opening to call out the showmance between Angie and Malcolm. Malcolm says it’s just snuggling for warmth and there is no romance, Angie is like a little sister to him. “Creepy,” Roxy says. I think Roxy is starting to grow on me a little bit. Jeff really badgers Angie, in his defense it doesn’t seem like she has any idea what’s going on. At this point I can’t see her staying. Time to vote, let’s see if it’s unaminous…Jeff tallies up the votes and shocker but Roxy is voted out!

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2 Comments to “Survivor Philippines recap”

  1. There is definitely something going on between Malcolm and Angie because no man would defend her comment at tribal council unless he had already broken off a piece of that cookie. It is a bit sad to see Matsing self-destructing so badly, but they are all playing really bad. I was talking to a coworker at DISH about it, and they blame it on the 3 tribe setup they have this year. I thought that was put in place to prevent 1 tribe from getting picked off early, but it seems to have just made it easier to do just that. I missed the show last night, but I was able to catch it thanks to a recording that my Hopper automatically made for Primetime Anytime. I love how I don’t have to set a thousand timers or worry about space on my hard drive and I can keep up with all of my favorite shows. I really want to see something happen in the other tribes because Matsing all the time is getting a little boring.

  2. The three tribe set-up was put in place mainly to prevent the 5 person dominant alliance from being formed on day one. I think they will merge down to two tribes next week and then do a tribe shuffle before the final merge. Producers want to keep it more random.


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