Big Brother Recap for Wednesday, August 8

by Mr Mojo

We open up tonight’s episode of Big Brother with a recap of the nomination ceremony. Danielle, as Head of Household, nominated Frank and Wil for eviction. Danielle wants Frank out of the game. He is on the block for the third time and says he is going to with the veto and then go after Danielle next week. Dan is still talking about his idiotic plan to keep the former coaches safe. He can’t seem to understand that his safety has nothing to do with the other three former coaches.

Big Brother 14

Danielle and Wil go to the HoH room and Danielle is crying. She is upset about having put him up. He’s not happy either. Wil knows he is a pawn but as he points out, pawns get sent home often. Now Wil is crying too. Danielle assures him that everyone likes him but he isn’t sure.

Cut to Mike Boogie and Frank talking about the nominations. Frank observes that it’s the battle of the hair this week between him and Wil. Janelle is talking to Dan and saying the former coaches need to stick together. She says there is no reason for them to be allied with their players anymore since that aspect of the game is done. This is music to Dan’s ears. Dan decides to feel out Boogie and gets him alone in the storeroom. Dan tells Boogie that he hopes Boogie has only been pretending to be mad for the rest of the house to see. Mike Boogie assures him that no, he is quite pissed off.

Ian is feeling very alone right now since he no longer has a coach. He goes to the HoH room to talk to Danielle and Britney. Ian is tight with Boogie but when pressed he says if he had to he could vote against Boogie. Ian wants to ally with them but Britney tells him first he must make a break from Boogie and Frank.

Time to pick players for the veto competition. Mike Boogie says he needs to be picked so he can save Frank while also protecting himself. Unfortunately for Frank and Boogie he is not picked. Shane, Ian and Jenn will compete against the two nominees, Frank and Wil, and HoH Danielle. The veto competition has a baseball theme so everyone is dressed in baseball uniforms. Dan is the announcer and they have to roll a ball up a ramp and it will land in a barrel that has a number in it. The number is their score. Lowest score each round is eliminated. Once eliminated they get to open up a cracker jack box and see what their prize is. There is a catch though, any player eliminated after them can force a trade for the prize.

Shane is eliminated first and his prize is the Power of Veto. It’s doubtful he’ll hold onto it since every player after him will have the opportunity to take it. Wil is out next and takes the veto from Shane. Jenn goes out 4th and her prize is a Maui vacation! This really upsets Britney for some reason. Next round and Danielle rolls a 9, Frank gets a 9 also and Ian rolls a 4 and is out. Ian’s prize is “It’s a Dog’s Life” which means he has to live a dog’s life for 24 hours. He has to dress in a dog costume and sleep in a doghouse. He can only leave the yard if he is taken for a walk on his leash by one of the other houseguests. Jenn has that Maui vacation that Ian can trade for but instead he decides to stick it out as a dog. Boogie is upset that Ian didn’t go for Maui.

Now it’s down to Frank and Danielle in the competition. Both of them need to win, Frank rolls the ball and it lands on a 8. Danielle rolls her and it’s a 10 for the win! Dan is really hamming it up as the announcer. Frank’s prize is $5,000 which he promptly trades to Wil for the veto. Danielle’s prize is a “spiritard” which is an outfit she has to wear for an entire week. Instead she takes the veto and Frank has a spiritard for the week.

Back from commercial and Boogie and Frank are plotting how they can save Frank from eviction. Boogie wants Janelle out of the game, he has played with her before and wants her out of the house. He needs to get Dan and Britney on board so they can talk Danielle into it.

Ian is a dog for a day on Big Brother

Ian in his dog costume

Next we jump to Frank in his “spiritard” which is some goofy, purple, lycra suit that shows his spirit off as a cheerleader. Ian is overly excited about his dog costume. He woofs it up and Dan puts a leash on him and takes him outside to the doghouse. He even has to eat out of a dog bowl for the day but it’s better than slop he says. Ian is looking forward to his 24 hours as a dog which proves that there is something really wrong with this kid. Mike Boogie comes out to check on Ian, “umm this is bizarre…but do you have to go to the bathroom?” Luckily Ian does not.

Jenn takes Ian upstairs to the HoH room on his leash. Then Jenn leaves so the alliance can talk. Is Jenn even playing this game? The only person who seems to be playing less is Ashley. Speaking of which, have we even seen Ashley this episode? Ian tells the group that since Frank did not win veto then he is totally on board with them. The newly named Quack Pack make a pledge never to turn on each other and to go to the final five.

Mike Boogie gets Danielle alone in the HoH room and pitches Janelle going home this week. He has the numbers if Danielle will put her on the chopping block. Mike is very persuasive but is Danielle buying it? After the commercial break Boogie runs his idea past Dan. Janelle walks into the room as they are talking but doesn’t hear anything. She leaves and Boogie goes back to pitching his plan and is doing a good job when Janelle along with Britney barge into the room. Britney says that all four coaches have never once gotten together to talk. Can they band together and protect each other? Janelle says she doesn’t care who goes home, she just wants to work together. Boogie calls Janelle out and says how he doesn’t trust  her and that there is no way in the world he would betray Frank. Boogie pitches the idea that Joe get nominated after Frank is saved. Janelle gets really quiet which everyone reads that she’s lying. Janelle is miscalculating here, she needs to make a deal.

The group breaks up and Dan and Boogie go back to talking. They can’t believe Janelle. Dan is so easily led around. All of a sudden Mike Boogie is running the show. Dan and Danielle get together so Dan can bring her up to speed. Then they gather the rest of the Quack Pack to discuss their plan. Ian makes a good argument to get rid of Janelle. Nobody defends her and it appears that Janelle is now the target of the house.

The Quack Pack bring Boogie and Frank up to HoH to hammer out terms of their deal. Ian is not around and the group makes final six plans. The new name is the Silent Six which Ian seems to have been left out of. Janelle creeps up on the HoH room again but the door is locked and nobody answers to let her in.

Time for the veto meeting. Danielle announces to the house that she has decided to use the Power of Veto and has saved Wil. In his place she nominates Janelle. Britney looks shocked, say what you will about her but she may have a future as an actress. Janelle is shocked for real and says she had no idea this was coming. It looks like the votes are lined up against Janelle but we will see what happens on the live show tomorrow.

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