Big Brother Recap for Thursday, August 9. Live Eviction Show

by Mr Mojo

Julie Chen opens the show up by telling us it is the third time Frank has been on the chopping block and the third time Janelle has played the game. One of them will be going home. Then we get three minutes of recap and show opening before we go back to Julie where she sums everything up again. This is my biggest pet peeve. It drives me crazy when Julie has to recap what was just in the recap!

Janelle is shocked that she is on the block. Danielle wasn’t on her radar but now she is. Britney points out how everyone hugs each other and acts shocked but nobody is actually shocked besides Janelle. More on what happened tonight after the jump.

Big Brother 14

Britney immediately goes to talk to Janelle and pretends she is totally shocked and had no idea what was going on. I never knew Britney had any acting ability and I am actually quite impressed. Janelle doesn’t understand what happened and goes to confront Danielle. Danielle says she heard Janelle was coming after her so she struck first. Janelle says this isn’t true and she is just shocked. I think shocked is the key word for the episode tonight. Danielle tells Janelle that Frank is going home so she will feel better.

Janelle on Big Brother 14

Janelle and Dan in the storeroom.

Dan and Janelle go into the storeroom to talk. Janelle wants to know what the hell happened and Dan says he has no clue. Danielle did not talk to him first. He is shocked also. Janelle wants to know if she has his vote but Dan says he is in a tough position because Danielle will be mad if he votes against her. Janelle says, “do you think there is any other reason she put me up?” Right on cue Mike Boogie enters the room. Then we see Janelle in the Diary Room saying she is shocked that she is on the block but she only needs to get five votes and Frank will be the one evicted from the house.

We see a montage of Janelle talking to various houseguests and lobbying for their votes. Of course everyone assures her they are with her and she will be okay. Britney is feeling awful about this. She gets Dan, Danielle and Shane in the HoH room and is almost in tears as she says how bad she feels. Brit wants to know why they are voting Janelle out? Dan is not sure how this will play out. Britney is in the Diary Room next crying about how she hates this. She says she does not have it in her to be a mean person like this. Hold on now, isn’t this the second time she’s played Big Brother?

Back from commercial and time to check in on the house. Frank is wearing his “spiritard” and Chenbot tells him he is looking good and gets him to give her a cheer. Julie asks Jenn how it feels to be competing against the coaches. She is “just living on a prayer baby”. Now we watch clips of Ian’s 24 hours as a dog while the houseguests crack up laughing. They walk him around on a leash, make him do tricks and beg for treats. Ian says he is loving his Big Brother experience and it wouldn’t be the full experience without penalties like eating slop and wearing a dog costume.

Ian and Ashley Big Brother 14

The Ian and Ashley showmance.

Now we take a look at Ian and Ashley’s mothers. I sometimes forget Ashley is on the show and thought the producers did too. I guess they remembered this week. Ian has a mad crush on Ashley and she plays with him and flirts with him. Ian’s mom says they’ve always known how smart he is and that the other houseguests may be scared of him because of that. Ian has never had a serious girlfriend before but likes good looking girls with brains. Cue up the clips of Ashley saying dumb things. Now it’s Ashley’s mom and she says Ashley is not as ditzy as people may think. Ashley’s mom thought the slop date was cute. She says Ashley likes “good looking hunks” but they don’t treat her as well as Ian would.

Back from commercial break and it’s time to find out who is being evicted from the Big Brother house tonight. Chenbot asks Frank and Janelle to plead their case one last time. Frank gives a good speech and ends with “stay classy”, Julie says he sounds like Ron Burgundy. Wow, an Anchorman mention from Chenbot! Janelle gives a quick speech and time to vote.

Boogie votes to send Janelle packing, he dedicates his vote to Will and Erin. Jenn votes for Janelle and Joe votes for Frank. The a slew of Janelle votes from Wil, Ashley, Britney, Ian, Shane and Dan. It is official. 8-1 and Janelle has been evicted! Hugs all around as Janelle grabs her bag and leaves the Big Brother

Big Brother eviction

Janelle is evicted from the Big Brother house.

house to cheers from the crown outside. Julie is waiting to interview Janelle. She says she was shocked to be put on the block but she understands she was a big threat and is not surprised to be evicted. Julie asks about targeting Frank from the beginning and Janelle says it was because she could see what a strong player he is. Janelle thinks that although Mike Boogie is a good player, the target on his back is too big for him to win the game again. She is rooting for Dan. We see the goodbye videos and Boogie really rubs it in. Janelle says she can’t stand Boogie and gets bleeped out on what she said next.

Coming up is live Head of Household competition after a few more commericals…competition is “Big Brother Battle of the Bands”. Two at a time they will face off and listen to a short song describing a competition they have had. First to buzz in with the correct answer on whether it was HoH, coaches or a veto competition advances and gets to pick the next two that face off. Jenn vs. Wil is first and Wil wins by correctly picking that the song described a HoH competition. Joe and Boogie are next and Boogie nails it. He picks Wil and Ashley to go next and Ash buzzes in with HoH competition which is correct. These songs are incredibly cheesy. Ashley has no clue what to do now and after some coaching she finally picks Shane and Britney to go next. Brit wins and Mike Boogie is pointing from the side telling her who to put up next. She listens and it is Ashley versus Ian. Ian wins and now it’s Dan versus Britney. She beats Dan and has Boogie and Frank face each other. Boogie buzzes before the song even starts to play and is wrong so Frank goes on. Only Ian and Britney are left, Britney nails it fast and goes up against Frank for HoH. Frank correctly guesses the song is about a veto competition and he is the new Head of Household! Looks like quite a few of the houseguests were in on trying to rig this for Frank to be HoH. After several weeks on the block I think he deserves it. Check back here Sunday night to see who is nominated next on Big Brother 14.


Current odd to win Big Brother.





Decent shot of winning:





Not a good shot at all:



No chance in hell:



Frank moved up a bit and Jenn moved down. If I could get decent odds I would put some money down on Ashley and Ian. They are far below the radar, both are non-threatening and neither has made any enemies.

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