Big Brother Recap for Sunday, August 12

by Mr Mojo

It’s Big Brother time again! Frank has survived his third time being nominated and is now Head of Household. He is thrilled that after spending most of the summer on the block now he has the power to decide who goes home. Joe is upset that he was blindsided in the voting. It was 8-1 to send Janelle home and he was the 1. My question is, why does Joe shout everything when he’s in the Diary Room? It’s like he wants to be a pro wrestler or something. Maybe Frank could introduce him to his dad, Sid Vicious, when they get out of the house. Find out what happened tonight after the jump.

Big Brother 14

Britney is in tears. She was Janelle’s friend and she feels just awful about what happened. She seems to be forgetting she is one of the ringleaders in the alliance that ousted Janelle. Dan says that with Frank in power he will find out if their alliance is solid or if Frank and Mike Boogie will stab him in the back. Joe keeps pouting, he goes to his room and just lies on the bed. Frank comes to ask a cooking question and Joe does not want to help. The biggest thing he brings to the house is the fact that he’s a chef and he doesn’t want to tell the HoH how to make the tortillas?

Who wants to see Frank’s HoH room? Joe isn’t too thrilled about it. Ian is very impressed that Frank has a NASA hat. Ian may have a bigger crush on Frank now than he does Ashley. Frank’s letter is from his Nana and Frank talks about how important she is in his life.

Wil Big Brother 14

Wil in the Diary Room

Ashley and Wil are outside talking about how Janelle was on their side and now it is just the two of them. Joe comes out to join them. He is still upset and tells them he is mad that they didn’t inform him that they were voting against Janelle. Joe doesn’t realize that everyone thinks he has the biggest mouth in the house. Wil says he voted for Janelle because he didn’t think he could trust her. Joe makes the logical point that it seems like the three of them are the only possible candidates to get nominated this week.

While eating Frank shares with Shane and Ian that he had a steamy dream about evicted houseguest JoJo. Shane says JoJo was cute to look at until she opened her mouth. Then the subject changes to former Playmate and former houseguest Kara Monaco. Ian says he dreams of her and, “please come back Kara, please!” Frank said he even had a dream about Willie. His teeth fell out and Willie was there.

Speaking of steamy…Danielle and Shane are outside laying side by side. Danielle is trying to figure out her and Shane. He has kissed her twice after all. Is this a junior high relationship or something? Danielle says Shane is playing hard to get and she can see through that.

Upstairs in the HoH room, Frank, Boogie and Dan are discussing who gets nominated. Joe is the target but how much do they want to disguise this? Frank says it would be nice to have a pawn from the Silent Six to go against Joe. Dan says he wouldn’t do it personally and immediately Frank tries to soft sell him on the idea. Boogie jumps in but Dan wants nothing to do with it at all.

Next morning and Mike Boogie and Britney are outside. The subject of Danielle’s job comes up. Danielle has lied and told the house she is a kindergarten teacher for some reason. Boogie correctly tags her as a nurse and Britney agrees. She has made to many medical comments that a normal person wouldn’t make. Boogie talks about how he likes to play a lot of poker and can see tells. I have played poker with Boogie and I disagree about his ability to read people.

Ashley woke up with awful back spasms and can barely move. She needs help getting out of bed and through the house. She needs to go to the bathroom so she can pee and ends up getting carried there. Luckily she didn’t need anyone to help her wipe.

lemons vs limes on Big Brother 14

It’s lemons vs. limes

Competition time to decide who are have-nots for the week. Ashley is allowed to sit out because of her back and Frank plays in her place. This really doesn’t seem fair at all. The backyard has been turned into a “lemon lime magical garden”. The hamsters are in either lime or lemon costumes. They need to jump into the “citrus oasis” and get as much juice soaked into their costume as they can. They then run back to the “farmer” on their team who helps squeeze it out of them. First team to fill their jugs wins the game. They run back and forth getting squeezed and jumped on to get the juice out. It goes on and on until finally the lemons win. Joe, Shane, Danielle and Britney are have-nots. The have-not food for the week is candy canes and cod in addition to slop. Disgusting.

Joe goes to talk to Frank the tank. He wants to convince Frank that there are bigger fish to fry this week and that Joe does not need to be a target. Joe is alone in the game and points out players like Wil have flipped every single week. Next up is Wil to please his case to both Frank and Boogie. He thinks he is going on the block and doesn’t like it but it’s okay and he will accept it. Wil leaves and Boogie and Frank both say they don’t like his attitude. Joe was the target but now Boogie is saying maybe it should be Wil. Frank however, really wants Dan out of the game. Boogie cautions him that it is too early to betray him. Frank is the one with the power though.

Nomination time. Joe just hopes he has convinced Frank that he doesn’t have to be the target. Dan says it is scary having to trust Boogie and Frank. Wil says Frank and Mike are “half-wits” but “whatever”. Frank gathers the house together and everyone goes inside for the nominating ceremony. No surprise at all, Frank has nominated Joe and Wil for eviction this week.

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