10 Best Television Shows of All Time – #6 Lost

by Mr Mojo

What hasn’t been written about Lost already? One of the iconic shows of the last several years. People either loved or hated the ending, with more probably leaning towards hating it. But even if you hated the ending, you had to love the years that came before it. I go back and forth on the ending personally. Like everyone else I wanted more questions answered and had guessed years ago that they were in some kind of purgatory. I did like the idea of Hurley being in control of the island with Ben Linus as his assistant.


I never hated Jack like some people did but from the first episode I loved John Locke. Even more than Sawyer he was my favorite character on Lost. His story was a heartbreaking one but the fact that I cared so much about the character is testament to what a great show Lost was. One of its strengths was that they had so many strong lead characters. Jack, John, Kate, Sawyer, Ben Linus, they could all carry the story on their own. Even the secondary characters like Hurley, Jin, Sun, Juliet, etc. were strongly written. Originally the love triangle between Jack, Kate and Sawyer was supposed to draw people in but the best love story was Juliet and Sawyer when they traveled back to the past. The chemistry that Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell was amazing. They could have done a whole spin-off and called it The Dharma Years and had a hit show on their hands.

The mythology of Lost drew millions into the show. The numbers, the temple, smoke monster, etc. had fans debated on internet message boards and water coolers in the office every week. I wish they had answered some of these questions better but overall looking back I think they did a great job with the series. There was no way to keep everyone satisfied but they cleared up the major plotlines and gave a satisfactory ending to one of the best television shows of all time.

Juliet and Sawyer

Juliet and Sawyer on Lost

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  1. I also want to watch this but there’s no channel in our cable which shows this series. The only available is torrent.

    I’ll gonna wait for your list to be completed and see if all the 10 TV shows tickle me. :)


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